A Bear of an Editor

Posted on Wed 07 June 2017 in Mobile

So I am always on the lookout for great alternatives to traditional work models. Writing code or stories without the traditional tools that go with the industry. You know the tried and true keyboard and mouse.

A new little interesting one is the note taking app Bear for iOS. What sets Bear apart from the many other similar apps is not in its immediate feature set. It has the typical compliment of note taking features. Text and hand drawn images can be freely incorporated. There are export, share and sync options, as well. Syncing though is part of a premium subscription.

The interesting thing about Bear is that behind the scenes that app is basically just a prettified markdown editor. That is right at the end of the day you can write direct in markdown and get instantly formatted output on your screen. On top of that it will export markdown text to numerous other apps including Buffer Editor. Buffer Editor is my go to coding tool because of its excellent Dropbox and ssh/sftp support as well as vim like editor key bindings.

So if you are looking for something a little different to work on markdown text when on the go, definitively checkout Bear. It is a free download in the App Store. However a subscription is needed for sync features. Or you can do what I do and export your work to buffer editor.

Checkout Bear on the App Store

Just a quick update, since writing this Bear has been named as part of Apple's Design Awards for 2017.

Apple Design Awards 2017