All Things Open 2017

Posted on Tue 24 October 2017 in Programming

And a return to posting

After not having been since 2014, the inaugural year if I remember correctly, I got to attend this years All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. The convenience of it being a hometown conference is always nice.

All in all it was another good conference. Much larger this time around and also showing a bit more diversity all around. My only complaint is how some sessions where given huge rooms and had very small attendance figures, while some other sessions placed in smaller rooms became standing room only affairs.

The best part is this time around I got my supervisor and several co-workers to join. The main thing they saw is just how behind we were in where things in the industry are moving. Granted it is a given for many government organizations. However in our groups case there are many literally in an endless cycle of not knowing what they don't know as far as the industry. I think a few are realizing why I make the time investment to stay current and learn new languages and techniques in my spare time.

Anyway a short post as I try to get back into keeping this place updated. I have been slack about it for numerous reasons. Time to stop making excuses.