Now Certified

Posted on Sat 20 May 2017 in Scrum

and perhaps certifiable

So yesterday I finished my CSM course and took the test. Yes I know it is not the most difficult or meaningful thing to those who know the details. But it is a beginning step in a longer journey that I am choosing to embark on.

The funny thing is when I was finished with only one wrong I steamed over the one question I got wrong. Because even when I was answering it I felt that both my answer and the actual answer were potentially correct. Yes I realize it is not very agile to focus on that one minor failure point in the quesiton backlog but oh well.

But moving past forward ho on this journey of Scrum and Agile. My first stop on this is our organization. We have the mandate of the VP that we will become an agile shop. However we have the massive organizational impediment of our very traditional management chain.